The story of a 2005 Chevy Cobalt that is transformed into a 1200+ HP rear wheel drive, V8 monster ready for the street and dragstrip.

The Process

This project started out using the original 4 cylinder LSJ motor. Way to far into the project, the short comings of the LSJ motor at 1,000+ HP became apparent, as were the abilities of the original shop doing the work. The LSJ Version 1.0 of this project was a total failure and a waste of tens of thousands of dollars.

The LSX Version 2.0 turned out to be the best way to save the project.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

This project has moved slower than a turtle in a foot race with a rabbit. There were times that progress was not happening because the shops were just using the project as filler work and there were other times when the money was lacking to spend on the expensive work and parts needed.

Rounding The Last Corner (I hope)

After more un-expected work needed to be done on items that were supposed to be completed already, I’m trying to line up the shops to finally bring the car to the place where it’s to the point for me to do the final touches. 

Project Name

The car originally started out as a 2005 Chevy Cobalt in the Victory Red color. Being on a few Cobalt forums with the name victory_red_SS is what led to the name of the thread “Victory Red SS Goes RWD and that was the beinning of the project name being what it is today.

What People Think

The build is nuts, but people love it!

That motor sounds nasty and 750hp na is a sick starting point for boost.
car is going to be an animal for sure


So awesome man.

I might have to leave that video on loop all day just playing in the background.


So awesome!!! Congrats man!!! Huge milestone for sure